Managing equity becomes a vital part of the business as it ensures effective use of the company shares and their support in the growth of a business, among other reasons. It plays a crucial role in a company’s overall financial health and sustainability. That’s where Eqvista comes in. When it comes to streamlining and optimizing equity management, Eqvista software provides an excellent solution. The Eqvista platform helps in a better way of managing equities since it helps track the shares, compliance and regulations, and at the same time, maintains a well-organized flow of a cap table. 

To provide a complete suite of financial ecosystem solutions, Cheqly has partnered with Eqvista to offer startups and SMEs a one-stop solution for their financial needs. With Eqvista, Cheqly clients can leverage various services and features, including cap table management and valuation services, ensuring comprehensive support for their financial requirements.

What is Eqvista?

Eqvista is a sophisticated equity management software that helps company founders, shareholders, and investors easily track, manage, and make informed decisions about their equity. Companies ranging from pre-IPO to seed-stage companies can all electronically handle their equity management. It simplifies cap table management, offers unlimited 409A valuations, and provides secure recordkeeping for shares.

Eqvista - Cap table mockup

When choosing cap table management software, Eqvista stands out by providing a wide range of features for startups and established businesses. This includes the creation of share certificates, board resolutions, valuations, IRS filings, and stock compensation reporting. The simple and user-friendly interface makes creating and managing a cap table easy and efficient. Additionally, your cap table will always comply with the latest changes to securities law and is continually updated in the system. 

Additionally, Eqvista simplifies the complex tasks of business valuation and filing services. The NACVA-certified team of highly experienced specialists can help clients with many types of valuations, such as 409A valuation, VC valuation and more. This platform was created to streamline the typical process of company filing services, such as ASC 718 and Form 83(b) Election, making them faster and more efficient while ensuring strict compliance with legal and financial standards.

Benefits for Cheqly Clients

As a result of this partnership, the Cheqly clients benefit from a wide range of services, which assist in eased equity management and access to important valuation services offered by Eqvista. Let’s take a closer look at these key advantages:

  • Simplified Equity Management: With the help of Eqvista, you can easily handle your company’s equity. It simplifies the process, ensures compliance, and helps the business grow. 
  • Wide Range of Valuation Services: Eqvista provides you with access to a wide range of valuation services, primarily the 409A valuation, which helps companies determine the value of their shares. Moreover, it has an in-house NACVA-certified team of valuators that can help clients with many types of valuations.
  • Stay Compliance: From ASC 718 stock expensing rules to Section 83(b) elections, it will help you stay compliant with all government regulations concerning equity and share plans.
  • Financial Modeling: Eqvista provides startups and SMEs with two essential financial modeling tools, Waterfall Analysis and Round Modeling. The tools help forecast the payout during company sales and monitor the dilution of shares that may occur due to new investments. They empower startups and SMEs with efficient equity management and informed financial decision-making. 
  • Cost Savings & Time Efficiency: Time and money play a vital role in the success of a company. It helps the company save money and use time more efficiently because there’s no need to hire a separate service provider for the services offered by Eqvista. 
  • Reduced Administrative Burden: The services provided by Eqvista lessen the administrative burden on its clients as it takes care of the tedious administrative work and allows you to focus on business growth. 
  • Data-Driven Insights and Informed Decisions: With the help of the Eqvista, you can access their insights, which help you make informed decisions in equity management.
  • Transparency & Communication: Eqvista allows you to share company information and the cap tables effortlessly with investors, lawyers, shareholders, accountants, etc. Also, it is convenient for you to have access to permit others to download reports from the platform.

Services Provided by Eqvista

Eqvista offers a comprehensive range of services related to cap tables and valuation services tailored to meet your business needs. The core services include precise 409A valuations performed by NACVA-certified valuation analysts to help businesses accurately assess their share values.

With the startup valuation software of Eqvista, startups can evaluate the company’s actual value in a matter of minutes. Eqvista also provide a range of business valuation and IRS filing services which helps your business in compliance.

Transform your Equity Management with Eqvista

Deciding and managing equity is not as simple as updating your cap table (which doesn’t come so simple, too). Managing equity has various types of stakeholders, from employees to investors to board members. And, certainly, as your company grows over time and you continue to raise more money on the side, the equity management only becomes more complex.

Cheqly’s user-friendly, intuitive business banking platform with advanced equity management tools and expert advisory from Eqvista – dual benefits for the clients. Apart from all these, this partnership has also been an effective means for cost and time saving. You can do all of that within Cheqly’s intuitive interface. While Cheqly helps set up the bank account transfer money, and issuance of the debit card, Eqvista software assists in cap table management, valuation, shareholder management, financial modeling, tracking company growth and activities, and assisting in various file businesses. 

We encourage you to explore the combined services of Cheqly and Eqvista to transform and streamline your equity management experience. With this partnership, entrepreneurs can easily issue shares, value them, open bank accounts, and manage their shares. The time and cost saved, therefore, can be reinvested into the business growth one more time, ensuring the financial well-being of your company and its operational efficiency.