Your vision is our mission

Our mission is to support founders from idea to IPO. Already today, we administer over $50 billion in assets for thousands of founders and we process billions in clients asset valuations monthly, with other services including incorporations, valuations, compliance, and much more.

“Securing funding is undeniably challenging, and each fundraising round often comes with substantial dilution. At Cheqly, our mission is to assist you in obtaining additional capital, enabling you to continue building your vision while preserving as much equity as possible.”
Tomas Milar, Founder & CEO

Why venture debt?

Venture debt is your strategic tool, find a balanced approach to capital management and long-term value creation, navigate growth milestones with minimal dilution.

Extend your runway

Stay airborne longer to execute and get to the next milestone

Maximize your potential

Don’t let capital limit your growth, inject where it counts

Minimize dilution

Retain more equity and control over your future

Who is it for?

Ideal for founders who are scaling rapidly and need capital for their revenue growth and next milestones, and who pay attention to dilution.

How does it work?

Regardless if you are raising or just raised, let’s talk about your goals, whether those are cash runway extension, revenue growth, acquisitions, or just less dilutive capital


Stay airborne longer to execute and get to the next milestone

Funding phase

3-5 years, you bank with us and we are here to support you

Repayment and refinancing

We are in it with you for long run, we will assist you

Your Questions, Answered

Why venture debt

Venture debt provides additional capital without diluting ownership, useful for extending operational runway or funding specific growth initiatives.

What is venture debt

It’s a form of debt financing typically for venture-backed startups, significantly less dilutive than equity financing.

How venture debt works

Venture debt complements your equity financing, offering capital against future growth milestones.

What is the process

Debt is provided against applications including your past and future financials, your growth plans, and once approved the repayment schedules usually span 24-48 months.

Types of companies, requirements

Ideal for companies who raised or are raising venture capital to fuel their revenue growth, from early to growth stages.


While venture debt can be a one-time event, companies may opt for refinancing or taking additional debt as they grow. Our goal is to support you in the long term.

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