What Is the Difference Between Venture Debt and Venture Capital?

by Cheqly team | | Venture Capital , Venture Debt

Founders know that they must have access to finance to create enterprises that can compete globally. To generate future profit streams, free cash flow must first support expansion funding and capital investment. The story is as old as commerce itself. Companies without consistent cash flow or sufficient security to back up “asset-based lending” will not … Continued

What is ACH Fraud? What Measures can be Taken to Safeguard your Business?

by Cheqly team | | ACH

ACH (Automated Clearing House) is an affordable and widely used payment method with low risk. However, less risk does not equate to no risk, as many companies are discovering that their responsibility rises as ACH payment usage rises. Determining the nature and mechanism of ACH fraud is the first step towards mitigating its risk. The … Continued

What Does Due Diligence Mean in Venture Capital?

by Cheqly team | | Due Diligence , Venture Capital

Due diligence in venture capital is important for making informed investments in great opportunities. Before understanding due diligence in venture capital, let’s understand it using an example. A group of friends are considering launching a new company. They visit the bank to request a loan and to pitch the bank on their start-up concept. Nevertheless, … Continued

What Are Intermediary Banks? What Do They Do?

by Cheqly team | | Intermediary Bank

Businesses in today’s world must transact across borders and countries. How’s that possible? Many financial institutions link to one another, forming an international banking network to aid in daily facilitating international financial transactions across various nations. An entity inside this network is the intermediate bank, a crucial establishment that directly facilitates the swift and secure … Continued

What’s an ACH Routing Number, and How can I Find it?

by Cheqly team | | ACH Routing Number

Every year, billions of ACH payments are processed in the US because of their cost-effectiveness, security, and convenience. Businesses can accept payments from customers and other businesses through ACH payments and pay suppliers and staff. As a business owner, when you have to pay your staff, settle insurance claims, pay your energy bills, or collect … Continued

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