What’s Apple Pay? How does it work?

by Cheqly team | | Apple Pay

Most people have started using Apple products like phones, watches, etc. The most effective payment option is Apple Pay, which is a reliable and safe option among online payment methods.  With Apple products, including iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple Watches, customers may purchase in stores, through applications, and on websites using Apple Pay, a mobile … Continued

What are Mobile Payments?

by Cheqly team | | Mobile Payments

When you make a payment using a mobile device, it is called a mobile payment. These regulated transactions are completed digitally without putting or swiping a credit or debit card into a point-of-sale terminal. Therefore, clients can pay online using simple devices, such as mobile phones. In 2025, mobile payments are expected to account for … Continued

What is a Cashless Payment?

by Cheqly team | | Cashless Payment

You know how important it is for your company to take cashless payments. You’ve probably heard of (and used) credit cards and other cashless payment options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bizum, and others. However, what does the modern digital world mean by cashless payments, and what are the benefits and drawbacks of accepting them … Continued

What is SWIFT and How Does It Work?

by Cheqly team | | SWIFT

International money transfers are quite simple. To start a transfer to any location worldwide, you can call your bank, visit them in person, or use their website. But what kind of infrastructure underpins these transactions, and how precisely do they operate? The SWIFT banking system is typically a crucial component of the procedure. While it … Continued

Pros and Cons of Venture Debt

by Cheqly team | | Venture Debt

Obtaining the necessary funding for your small business expansion may seem unattainable. Every day, you must make dozens of decisions about hiring new staff, selecting the best software, and locating clients interested in your offering. In this article, we will share the pros and cons of venture debt so that you can decide if it’s … Continued

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